Microsoft Cloud Workshop

Microsoft Cloud Workshop (MCW) is a hands-on community development experience.

Use our customer-ready content to host workshops that foster cloud learning and adoption. Contribute your own content and feedback to add to a robust database of training guides for deploying advanced Azure workloads on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Cloud Workshop (MCW) is a hands-on community development experience.

Use our customer-ready content to host events with customers and partners, or contribute your own content and feedback to add to a robust database of training guides for deploying advanced Azure workloads on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.


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App modernization

Design a modernization plan to move services from on-premises to the cloud by leveraging cloud, web, and mobile services, secured by Azure Active Directory.

Azure Stack

Design a hybrid cloud architecture using a combination of the Azure public cloud and Azure Stack. Recommend the appropriate hybrid cloud systems based on customer requirements.

Big Data and visualization

Build a complete machine learning model in Azure Databricks and deploy a web app for predicting flight delay. Train the model to report data.

Building a resilient IaaS architecture

Build resilient architectures by designing for converting/extending an existing IaaS deployment to account for resiliency and high availability.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Design solutions for three customer environments using Azure business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) technologies to build more complex and robust BCDR plans.

Cloud-native applications

Using DevOps best practices, build a proof of concept to transform a PaaS application to a container-based application with multi-tenant web app hosting.

Cognitive Services and Deep Learning

Combine pre-built AI models with custom AI services to create intelligent solutions atop unstructured text data by designing and implementing a text analytics pipeline.

Continuous delivery in Azure DevOps

Set up and configure continuous delivery within Azure to reduce manual errors using Azure Resource Manager templates, Azure DevOps, and Git repositories for source control.

Cosmos DB Real-Time Advanced Analytics

Design a data pipeline solution leveraging Cosmos DB for scalable ingest and global distribution. Use Azure Databricks Delta with a modern data warehouse to reduce risk.

Data Platform upgrade and migration

Conduct a site analysis for a customer to compare cost, performance, and level of effort required to migrate from Oracle to SQL Server.

Enterprise-class networking in Azure

Set up, configure, plan, and design secure virtual networks in Azure with multiple subnets to filter and control network traffic.

Enterprise-ready cloud

Design a governance plan for a manufacturing company to showcase the security and governance features of Azure and control costs.

High Performance Computing

Set up and configure a scale-out media processing architecture using Azure Batch. Use High Performance Computing (HPC) techniques with less code and accomplish tasks declaratively.

Hybrid identity NEW!

Plan and design virtual networks in Azure with multiple subnets to filter and control network traffic. Learn to provision subnets, create route tables with required routes, build a management jump box, configure firewalls to control traffic flow, and configure site-to-site connectivity.

Intelligent analytics

Employ real-time analytics without IoT as you enable intelligent conversation in a real-time chat pipeline enabled by machine learning to visualize customer sentiment.

Internet of Things

Design an end-to-end IoT solution implementing device registration with the IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service and visualizing hot data with Power BI.

IoT and the Smart City

Build a smart city solution by managing intelligent devices with IoT Hub and running the IoT Remote Monitoring starter solution to improve traffic and public transportation.

Line-of-business application migration

Design a migration strategy for both Windows and Linux servers, including virtual and physical services, as well as databases, from on-premises to Azure.

Machine Learning

Combine Azure Databricks with Azure Machine Learning service to build, train, and deploy machine learning and deep learning models. Construct deep learning models for NLP in text classification, and compare data with PyTorch and Keras.

Migrate EDW to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Plan a migration of an on-premises enterprise data warehouse to Azure SQL Data Warehouse and integrate it with both cloud-based and on-premises services and data sources.

Migrating SQL databases to Azure

Develop a plan for migrating on-premises virtual machines and SQL Server 2008 R2 databases into a combination of IaaS and PaaS services in Azure and enable advanced SQL features to improve security and performance.


Learn to design and implement end-to-end solutions that fully operationalize deep learning models from model creation, application packaging, model deployment and application deployment in one unified repeatable, pipeline.

Modern cloud apps

Deploy, configure, and implement an end-to-end secure and PCI compliant solution for e-commerce that is based on Azure App Services, Azure Active Directory, and Azure DevOps.

Modernizing Data Analytics with SQL Server 2019

Gain a better understanding of new features of SQL Server 2019 that enable more Big Data and analytics capabilities. Learn to configure and manage SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters to combine, query, and transform disparate data sources for AI and advanced analytics scenarios.

OSS PaaS and DevOps

Use DevOps tools to migrate an existing MERN stack application from a hosted environment into Azure PaaS, integrating and deploying complex open-source software workloads.

Predictive Maintenance for remote field devices

Learn to evaluate Microsoft's catalog of PaaS and SaaS-based IoT products to determine an optimal combination. Design and implement a solution that simplifies IoT device management and reporting, and deploy a trained predictive maintenance Machine Learning model in near real-time.

Real-time data with Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale

Learn advanced features of the managed PostgreSQL PaaS service to design a highly scalable, managed open source database solution able to handle the rapid ingest of streaming data, while generating and serving pre-aggregated data. Design a resilient stream processing pipeline and create complex reports to build a customizable dashboard updated in real-time.

SAP HANA on Azure

Provision a highly available deployment of SAP HANA in Azure, identifying infrastructure components necessary to support a clustered deployment and testing failover scenarios.

SAP NetWeaver on Azure

Deploy and configure SAP NetWeaver on Azure infrastructure and describe the proper configuration of Azure solution components to run SAP applications.

Securing the IoT end-to-end

Learn to architect a comprehensive oil and gas manufacturing IoT solution that is secured end-to-end following best practices. Provide guidance to your customer on defining lifecycles from deployment, maintenance, planned obsolescence, and decommissioning of devices and how Azure supports this.

Security baseline on Azure

Implement Azure Security Center and Microsoft Compliance Manager to ensure a secure and privacy-focused cloud-based architecture that follows compliance standards.

Serverless architecture

Implement a series of Azure Functions that independently scale and break down business logic to discrete components, allowing customers to pay only for the services they use.

SQL Server hybrid cloud

Design a hybrid disaster recovery solution with SQL Server scale-out to help a media company handle spikes in load, encrypt data, and implement an archival strategy.